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Free background music for YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

No DMCA Or Copyright Strikes. Ever.

100% Free Music For Your Content

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Get The Perfect Music For Your Content without worrying about copyright strikes.
We offer an extensive library of copyright-free music for you to use in your videos, streams and creative projects. Browse our library by genre or search for a specific song or artist and download the music for free.


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We're not the first to offer copyright free music, but we might be the only one that doesn't put your account at risk. With Content Creator Beats, no DMCA or copyright strikes is a guarantee. Explore our library of high-quality content and find what you need for your next project with peace of mind.
We are constantly adding
copyright free music to our site and have over 100 exclusive tracks to safely use in your online content. Our aim is to give content creators a simple, easy and free way to find music.

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We make copyright-free music for video creators, live streamers, gamers, and podcasters. Download our music or stream it from one of the links above, and say goodbye to DMCAs and copyright strikes.
Easily find and create with music for video creators with Content Creator Beats. No copyright worries, no high cost of production just good old-fashioned creativity


Video creators are always looking for new music to add to their videos. It can set the mood, tell a story, introduce a new character, or simply compliment the video's theme.

Our mission is to provide high-quality music to all types of content creators that will help them create inspiring content.

Get the music you need to create the perfect video.

Why Content Creator Beats?

Free Music for Your Videos, Films, and Projects.
Get your music for free and worry-free.
Earn royalties without restrictions.
We have everything you need to create the perfect video, without copyright worries.
Work on your videos without the need to pay for music and sound

Reach out with any questions or ideas and
let's make the magic happen. 

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