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Whether you're an unsigned artist or a well-established recording artist, you can give yourself the best chance to get on Spotify playlists by having your songs professionally mixed and mastered.


Mastering is the last phase of music production and is crucial for any song. It ensures that all playback devices sound equally balanced and sonically pleasing.

We provide high-quality master production services to local and remote artists. We can also provide full-length album mastering services. We've created a beautiful recording studio and utilise the best mastering equipment available to deliver exceptional audio mastering services at sensible prices.

Mastering is both a technical and creative process. It involves balancing, levelling, compressing, and boosting your analogue or digital recording to its fullest potential. Before a recording is transferred to compact disc, digital downloads, streaming, or vinyl, mastering is completed.

The major reason for our success, however, is the superior mastery engineers. Their expertise in both technical matters and artistic creativity ensures that our clients are always delighted. The ultimate factor in any project is, of course, the person behind it. We look forward to collaborating with you.

As a musician, you want your music to be heard. But unless you're signed to a major record label, getting on Spotify is not as easy as putting it up on YouTube. Mastering is an industry-standard that ensures the best quality sound and gives your music a competitive edge in today's competitive market. Mastering also ensures consistent quality from different streaming services and will help give your song more exposure on Spotify Playlists. Give yourself the best chance of getting on Spotify Playlists, and get on Spotify Discover Weekly & Release Radar.


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We will master your track using:

  • Multi-band Compression

  • Tape Saturation

  • Automation

  • EQ

  • Stereo Imaging

  • Limiting


All Mastering Orders Include:

  • Stereo Master

  • Stereo Streaming Master

  • Commercially ready WAV file + mp3

  • Mastering for desired platform (Streaming, Vinyl, CD, Stems)


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