5 Tips for Finding Free Copyright Music Online

Updated: May 16

Finding music you can use legally is hard. You want to put together a great video, or record an awesome acoustic cover of a popular song, but you can’t do it without the right tunes. Many copyright owners receive royalties every time their music is played, and they aren’t willing to share that money with free-lancers and hobbyists. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get music for free. However, if you know what you’re doing and you’re OK with making a few sacrifices, you can find music online without paying a dime. Let’s take a look at the tips you need to find free music online.

Know Where to Look

The best place to start your online music hunt is YouTube. In fact, it’s one of the best places to start your video-making journey. While copyright owners won’t like you using their music, the sheer number of people who upload their music means you aren’t likely to run into any issues. To find the music you’re looking for, use the search bar. You may be surprised by what you find. While you’re searching for music, be mindful of the no-copyright music you come across. The same rules apply to YouTube videos as they do to other websites – you can only use the music in the videos if you own the rights to it. Content Creator Beats has hours of copyright free music available for free with various different genres here

Be Mindful of Copyright Warnings

You’ve probably heard about music copyright notices before, but you might not understand how they work. If you’re going to search for music online, you have to be mindful of them. Many websites will have a copyright notice as part of the website design. If you don’t read these notices, you could be in trouble. Copyright notices on websites are very short. They simply explain that the music that appears on the site is copyrighted by someone and you can’t use it without permission. In most notices, you’re allowed to make “fair use” of the music. This isn’t a legal term, so no one will police your usage, but it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. If the website you’re looking at allows it, you can also download the music without asking permission. If you see a piece of music you like, but it has a copyright notice on it that you can’t read, don’t download it. Instead, do what you can to search for music that you’re allowed to use.

Download Only Legally Permitted Songs

When you’re searching for free music online, the first tip you have to follow is to only download legally permitted music. You’ve probably already figured this out, but copyright owners aren’t very generous. They want to be paid for their work, and they’re not going to allow you to use their music without getting paid. Even if the band or songwriter offered to let you use their music for free, they likely have no idea how the internet works. They may have no idea that people are using their music for other purposes. If you want to use music that’s freely available, you need to make sure you’re following the rules. You can make an exception for music you find online. If you find a piece of music in a video that isn’t copyrighted, you can use it as long as it’s licensed for non-profit use only. In other words, you can’t try to pass it off as your own.

Check the Music Licensing Guilds

Another way to find free copyrighted music online is to visit the website of a music licensing guild. There are dozens of these websites, but they’re all basically the same thing. The website you go to will give you a list of music you can use without payment. The advantage of using a licensing website is that you have a list of songs you can quickly scan through. Some sites even have an option that shows the music in alphabetical order by title. There are a few problems with using these websites, however. The first is that they only send you a list of songs that are allowed to be used without payment. You still have to find those songs yourself. The second problem is that these websites charge fees. You can go to them directly, but you can also find their lyrics and music on websites like Content Creator Beats for FREE without worrying about DMCA takedowns or content strikes. These are free ways to get copyrighted songs, but you can’t take advantage of them when you’re looking for free music online.

Don’t Worry About Audio Rights

As with all the other tips in this article, you don’t need to worry about audio rights when looking for free copyrighted music online. If you come across a piece of music you like, you can always find out the song’s composition details and find a way to download the song without violating any copyright rules. If you’re hoping to find popular songs with popular composition details, though, you’re probably in for a disappointment. Popular songs typically have plenty of information online, and it’s usually easy to download them without violating any rules. You’re better off looking for talented musicians than big-name artists. These musicians have the same copyright problems as everyone else, but they don’t have any advantages, either.

Summing up

Finding free copyrighted music online is hard, but it can be done. You just have to do a few things differently than you would if you were looking for free copyrighted music offline. You can make a few tweaks to your search criteria to find copyrighted music online. For example, you can use the keyword “free music” to find websites that have no-copyright music. You can also use websites like ContentCreatorBeats.com to find 100% free copyrighted music. You can also make use of music licensing guilds to find no-copyright music, but you should avoid audio rights at all costs.