Best Sites To Find Uplifting, No-Copyright Music For Your Blog

Did you know that music is one of the most important elements for creating an engaging video? Music sets the tone for your video, gives it a unique identity, and makes it stand out from other similar videos. Whether your channel is dedicated to music or you are using music as a supplementary element, it’s important to find the right tunes for your videos. Unfortunately, finding pre-cleared and royalty-free music that’s also uplifting, inspiring and original can be quite challenging. In order to help your Vlog, blog or Youtube channel grow in a positive direction, we have put together a list of the best sites to find uplifting, no-copyright music so that you can start producing engaging content with the perfect soundtrack.

Best Sites to Find Uplifting, No-Copyright Music for Youtube

If you are looking to find high-quality royalty-free music for your next video, is a great resource to start with. It lets you browse through tons of tracks of different genres, moods and BPMs, all of which have been handpicked. The site is also optimized for mobile, which is what sets it apart from many other music sources. Another important thing to keep in mind when using music from this site is that it’s not licensed for commercial use. The music is available for free download, so you can use it for your video, but you won’t be able to monetize it on YouTube or any other platform. The site also has a blog with lots of useful posts on music production and songwriting, so it’s a great place to visit if you want to learn more about music.

Licensing Platforms for Youtube Videos

If you are looking for original music that’s ready to use, you can use one of the many licensing platforms to find the track you need. This process is easier than you might think and can be done in just a few quick steps. Licensing music is also a great way to support aspiring artists, so you can feel good about your choice for the future. Most of the platforms come with an option to get a custom quote for your video, so you can pick exactly the music that you want to use. Audiojungle is one of the best sites to find high-quality royalty-free music for your videos. It’s part of the world’s largest marketplace for creative assets and has an extensive collection of music in various genres, moods, and BPMs. The site also has a large community of artists, so you can get in touch with them and find out more about the music you like. In order to start your search, you can either choose a category or select a mood or emotion that you want your video to convey. Once you find the music that you want, you can use the quote tool to get a price estimate. You can also use the unlimited download feature to get as many tracks as you need.

Copyright-Free Music Libraries

Another option is to look for a copyright-free music library that has high-quality music for creative projects. This will let you pick a track without having to worry about getting permission from the artist. Unlike a licensing platform, you won’t be able to edit the music or modify it in any way. Instead, you can pick a track and use it as it is. One of the best music libraries is Jamendo. The site has a large collection of music in many genres and moods, so it’s easy to find a song that suits your video. The tracks are free to download and you can use them for any purpose, including commercial use. You can also contact the artists directly to let them know how you plan to use their music. Another option is Free Music Archive, which is a great resource for finding public domain music. You can browse the archive to find tracks that are free for personal use, and you can also upload your own music to share it with the community.

Uplifting and Original Music from Indie Artists

Another great option is to look for uplifting and original music from indie artists. Many musicians have launched their own platforms to make their music available for creative projects, so you can browse through a large selection of tracks. You can also get in touch with the artist directly to let them know how you plan to use their song. This option is especially great if you are looking for music that’s extremely original, but it can also be a bit challenging to find exactly what you are looking for. An excellent platform for finding original music is Hear This. You can select the genre and mood of your video, and the platform will show you a selection of tracks that are perfect for your video. The site also has lots of helpful articles on how to pick the right music for your video.


Music is an essential part of any video, so it’s important to choose tracks that are uplifting and inspiring. Sadly, many popular music-sharing platforms don’t allow you to use pre-existing music on your videos, so it can be challenging to find the music you need. Fortunately, there are lots of sites to find uplifting, no-copyright music for Youtube that let you pick the perfect track for your video. Thankfully, you can download the music on our site for free or stream it in the background of your streams using sites like Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon

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