How to Use Copyright Free Music to Stream on Twitch

You’ve built your brand, cultivated your followers and now you want to set up a Twitch channel that will help boost your profile. You’re thinking of streaming on Twitch, but you’ll need music. However, you can’t use the songs you like because they are copyrighted. But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to use copyright free music while streaming on Twitch. Using music is an important part of any vlogger or streamer’s content strategy. From boosting views to providing an accessible creative outlet for viewers, incorporating sound into your online presence can have a measurable impact on your audience and brand as a whole. Here are some tips for using copyright free music to stream on Twitch.

What is Copyright Free Music?

Copyright free music is any song that doesn’t have a copyright on it. This means that no money is being made off of these particular recordings, and so they are considered to be public domain. While there are some exceptions, most sound recordings that don’t fall under federal copyright laws are considered to be in the “public domain,” so you can use them for absolutely no cost. However, if you want to use the music for commercial purposes, you’ll need to obtain a license.

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Stream on Twitch with Music

Twitch is known for streaming video games and esports competitions. But, you can use the same platform to broadcast your music videos. Pair up your favorite music with funny commentary and a creative visual aesthetic and you’ll be sure to gain a loyal following of devoted fans. Copyright free music is perfect for streaming on Twitch. By using recordings that are not protected by copyright, you can boost engagement, attract more viewers, and broaden your audience.

Where to Find Copyright Free Music for Twitch

Finding the right copyright free music for your Twitch channel can be challenging. You may find that some recordings are covered by copyright even though they don’t appear to be. Before you click the “buy music” button, ensure that the song you’re purchasing is free from copyright restrictions. You can do this by checking the copyright status on the song’s website. Additionally, music that has been published before 1978 is in the public domain. This means that you can use it for absolutely no cost.

3 Ways to Stream on Twitch with Copyright-Free Music

Here are some creative ways you can use copyrighted music while streaming on Twitch. - Use an Intro with Pirated Music - If you want to create an “intro” montage to set the mood for your Twitch stream, you can use a copyrighted song. But, you can use the intro to build your own track right as the commercial breaks are ending. - Stream with Background Music That is Copyright Free - If you’re looking for background music you can use on Twitch that is not copyright free, you may be able to find it in the public domain. - Use Your Own Copyright Free Music - If you record your own music, you can use it as the soundtrack to your Twitch stream. Although copyrighted music isn’t ideal, it will help boost your channel’s views and build a loyal audience.


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