Non-Copyright Music for YouTube and Blogs: The Ultimate Guide

Non-Copyright Music for YouTube and Blogs: The Ultimate Guide

It’s no secret that the internet is overflowing with copyright-protected music. It’s also a well-known fact that you can’t use almost any type of copyrighted content in your YouTube videos, blog posts, or any other digital media. That being said, there are ways to work around these restrictions and use non-copyrighted music for your videos and other projects. Read on to find out more about the ins and outs of non-copyright music for your online projects! ^ If you want to create a video or blog post but don’t feel like spending hours tracking down copyright-free music, this blog post is perfect for you! In this article, you will learn exactly how to use non-copyrighted music in all your future works. Ready? Let’s get started! Have a look at some of the copyright free music we have on our site

What is Non-Copyrighted Music?

If you’ve ever tried to track down non-copyrighted music, you’ve probably heard the term “public domain” thrown around. What’s the difference? Simply put, public domain music is music that is not owned by anybody. In other words, it’s music that doesn’t belong to anybody, and you can use it however you want! You can find free music online in a variety of formats, like MP3s, WAVs, and MIDIs. You can also find free sound effects via online libraries. If you want to use music or sound effects in your video or blog posts, but you don’t want to pay for them, you’ll want to find something in the public domain. This type of music is free to use and won’t get you in any legal trouble. As the name suggests, this music is in the public domain, meaning it’s not copyrighted and can be used by just about anyone.

What’s the Problem with Copyrighted Music?

Copyright laws are a necessary part of the creative industry. Without them, artists would have no way to make money from their work. In fact, many artists struggle to make ends meet as it is. So copyright laws ensure that artists get paid for their work. Unfortunately, these same laws also make it illegal to use copyrighted music. Average people can’t afford to pay $5,000 per track. YouTube content creators make next to nothing on ad revenue alone. Bloggers can’t afford to pay $80 per track. This is a big problem because using regular music in your videos and blog posts can cheapen your content.

YouTube and Blogs: Where to Find Non-Copyrighted Music

If you’re looking for non-copyrighted music for your YouTube videos or blog posts, you’ll want to find a place that doesn’t charge you to use the music. Finding non-copyrighted music isn’t as easy as you might think. There are a few sites that offer free music, but most are low-quality. To make sure you get quality music for your videos and blog posts, we suggest checking out one of the following sites! - Audio Jungle - Audio Jungle is one of the largest online marketplaces for stock music in the world. They have a wide selection of music from thousands of composers. Most of their music comes in MP3 and WAV audio format. You can listen to samples of each track before you purchase. - Premium Beat - Premium Beat offers a wide variety of stock music and sound effects. Most music is offered in MP3 format, but it also has a few WAV files. For each track, you can find the length, genre, and suggested uses. - iStock Music - iStock Music is part of iStock, a large photography company. While iStock Music offers a wide selection of music, it only offers MP3 audio format.

How to Find Licensed Music for YouTube Videos

If you’re creating a video for business purposes, you’ll want to find licensed music. A lot of the music you find on these sites is licensed for certain uses, but not all of them. You can find music for almost any occasion or mood with the right search terms. - Mood - You can enter a mood, like “calm,” in the search box. You can also enter a genre, like “jazz.” - Audio Tags - You can also look at the audio tags of your favorite songs. These tags are usually below the title and artist of the track. - Moods - You can also look at moods and tags together, like “calm” + “jazz.”

How to Find Licensed Music for Blog Posts

You can also find licensed music for your blog posts! While you can find music for almost any mood and occasion, it can be hard to find a track that fits the tone and subject of your post. Here are a few search terms that can help you find the perfect song for your blog posts: - Mood - You can enter a mood, like “happy” or “sad,” in the search box. - Genre - You can also enter a genre, like “jazz” or “rock.” - Mood + Genre - You can also look for moods and genres together, like “happy” + “jazz” or “sad” + “rock.”

The Bottom Line

If you want your videos and blog posts to sound professional, you need to use stock music. But most stock music is copyrighted, which means you can’t use it unless you want to get in trouble with the law. Non-copyrighted music is free to use and gives your videos and blog posts a polished, professional sound. Unfortunately, finding non-copyrighted music can be difficult. To make sure you get high-quality music, we suggest checking out one of the sites above!