The Best Free Music on Spotify: A Comprehensive List

Discovering new music can be tough. There are so many different genres and artists, which makes sifting through the noise a difficult task. Luckily, there’s Spotify. And with its massive library of tracks, it’s easier than ever to discover new music—and the best part? It’s free! From indie up-and-comers to legendary acts, you can find it on Spotify. So sit back, turn up your speakers and test out your new favorite sound...

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a music streaming service that lets users stream millions of songs for free. It also offers premium, on-demand music streaming via its Spotify for Business offering. The service has been available since October of 2007, and as of January 2019, has more than 159 million active users. With Spotify, you can discover music, create playlists, share songs with friends and even listen to live music events from around the world. You can also use features like “Now,” which gives you personalized recommendations based on your listening habits, and “Thumbs Up,” which lets you give a song a “thumbs up” so it’s more likely to show up in your feed. Spotify is available on PCs, Macs, mobile devices and even some cars. You can also sign up for a Spotify Premium account, which lets you listen to music offline, skip songs and download songs for offline listening.

How to Get Free Music on Spotify

There are a few ways you can get free music on Spotify. The easiest one is by using a Spotify promotional code. After you’ve set up an account, you can click on the “Get Codes” link on the top right side of the screen. From there, click the “Promo Codes” tab, and you’ll see a list of current Spotify promos. Simply click one that you’re interested in, and you’ll be brought to a page where you can enter your details to get your promo code. From there, copy your code and add it to your account. Your free trial will automatically end after the trial period is up, but you can keep listening to Spotify for free by subscribing for a monthly or annual subscription. You can get DMCA free music here

The Best Playlists for Free Music on Spotify

Playlists are an easy way to discover new music. Whether you’re looking for a variety of genres or a specific vibe, there are plenty of Spotify playlists out there to help you find your new favorite sound. With a few minutes of scrolling through the app, you’re sure to find some tunes that will make you want to keep listening all day long. Podcasts are also a great way to discover new music on Spotify. You can browse through different categories, like rock, hip-hop or indie, or use a specific artist or genre as your search term. You can also browse through different recommended podcasts that feature music related to the tracks you’re already listening to. You can also use Spotify’s “Shuffle” feature to mix up your playlist. Choose “Shuffle All Tracks” to shuffle all the tracks in your playlist. Once you’ve shuffled your playlist, you can use “Next Track” to move to the next track in the playlist or “Previous Track” to go back to the previous track.

The Best Artists to Listen to on Spotify

There are a ton of artists on Spotify. From up-and-coming artists to legendary names, finding the perfect new music is easy. Start by using Spotify’s auto-play feature to play tracks from artists you already like. Scroll through your playlist, and once you find an artist you enjoy, add them as your “Shuffled Playlist.” You can also create your own playlists on Spotify. Once you’ve added an artist to your “Shuffled Playlist,” you can use the “Create Playlist” option in your menu. From there, you can name your playlist, add a description and add songs that you want to add to the playlist.

The Bottom Line

With all of the different genres and sounds out there, it can be tough to find new music you love. Luckily, Spotify is here to help. You can discover new artists and genres while also listening to music you love. There are also playlists out there that will help you discover new music. With a little effort, you’re sure to find something new on Spotify.