The Best Places To Find Background Music For Your Youtube Videos

If you’re an avid vlogger, chances are you’ve noticed how many videos feature some sort of background music. Whether it’s a person talking over silence, or someone playing the piano in the background, having music in your videos gives them that much more appeal. However, if you want to incorporate interesting background music into your vlogs and other types of videos as well, you need to know where to find it. Background music is everywhere, so finding something suitable shouldn’t be difficult at all! This article covers everything you need to know about finding the right background music for your videos. In it, you will learn:

What is Background Music?

Background music is the music that plays during your video’s intro and/or outro. The best way to think of it is as the song that blends seamlessly into the rest of your video. It’s the song your audience should be hearing while watching your video. While you can find background music in a number of places, the absolute best place to find it is on YouTube. There are several reasons why YouTube is the place to go for background music. First, you can find just about any song you want without having to search through a million different websites. Second, the music you find on YouTube is almost always copyrighted, so you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the copyright police. And third, YouTube’s massive collection of background music makes it one of the best places to find just the type of music you need for your video.

Why Is Background Music Important?

Background music is incredibly important because it helps to set the mood for your videos. If your videos feel dull and uninteresting, then your audience will quickly lose interest. This is why it’s crucial that you choose the right song for your video. Not only should the song you select help to set the mood for your video, it should also match the message of your video. A good example of when this is important is when creating a video about depression. Because depression is such a sad topic, a song full of happy, cheery lyrics would be completely inappropriate. Instead, you need to find a song that is full of lyrics that will convey the message of your video while also helping to set the mood.

Different Types of Background Music

Classic: If you want your video to feel like it is set in the past, then classic music is an excellent option. This type of background music can easily make your video feel nostalgic, while also adding an eerie feeling as well. - Relaxing: For example, you could use a relaxing style of music to convey a relaxing, soothing message. Or, you could use relaxing music to convey a more somber, sad message. - Ethnic: If your video involves people of different ethnicities, then ethnic music is perfect for the job. - Holiday: For example, a holiday-themed video might benefit from using a Christmas- or winter-themed song. - Sports: If your video involves people being on the move, or being outdoors, then sports-themed music is an excellent choice. - Romantic: For example, a video about falling in love could benefit from a romantic song. - Haunting: A video about ghosts, or about the afterlife, could include a song with a haunting, eerie feel to it.

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Finding Good Background Music

With so many different places you can find background music online, it’s important to keep in mind that finding good music is a little harder than it may seem. The best way to find good music is by scouring YouTube’s massive library of background music. After all, YouTube is one of the best places to find background music, so it makes sense to begin there. Another option is to check out Twitter and Facebook. After all, a lot of popular musicians use these social media sites to post updates about new music releases. If you can find these posts, you can usually find out about the release of a new song relatively early.


When it comes to finding good background music for your videos, YouTube is the absolute best place to begin. YouTube has a massive library of background music that you can choose from, making it an easy place to find just the right music for your videos. Furthermore, YouTube also has a lot of copyrighted background music. This means that it is almost never going to get you in trouble with the copyright police. Background music is incredibly important for vloggers and other types of content creators, so be sure to keep it in mind!